Tell the Responding Officer to Call Paradise Towing & Auto

We're a trusted provider of accident recovery services in the Corpus Christi, TX area

If your car isn't safe to drive after an accident, the police will either call a tow truck or ask you to arrange for accident recovery services. You'll want Paradise Towing & Auto to tow your car because we respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

You'll also appreciate that:

  • We have a secure storage lot in Corpus Christi, TX
  • We work with most insurance companies and motor clubs
  • We can tow trailers, RVs and other light- and medium-duty vehicles

We provide accident recovery services around-the-clock, so call 361-814-8225 at any time to get your car towed to the repair shop or our storage lot.

Was your car totaled?

If your vehicle is worth less than the cost of the repairs you'll need to make, it's considered a junk car. Towing it to a storage lot would probably be more affordable and convenient than taking it to a repair shop.

Contact us today if you're interested in towing your junk car to our storage lot in Corpus Christi, TX.